How to provide clients with fast loan

How to provide clients with fast loan

Credit provider Sedertgertos is part of the much larger Derratos . Derratos is the European market leader in offering various types of mini-loans to private individuals. As part of the Derratos Group, this lender is active in 23 different countries.

Derratos has set itself as a spearhead to provide clients with loans in a fast, simple and reliable manner. This spearhead can also be found on the website of Sedertgertos, which provides a clear overview of the possibilities that this lender offers to consumers.

Balance tip offers different types of loans. In addition to a mini-loan, you can also opt for a flash loan, an emergency loan and a microcredit. Which type of loan suits you best depends on different aspects. If you are looking for a consumer credit for the renovation of your home or the purchase of a new car, you can choose an alternative lender.

The idea behind Sedertgertos’s products is that you borrow a relatively small amount and it will be paid off within a short time. With a mini-loan it is already possible to borrow an amount of 100 euros, which is ideal for paying an unexpected bill or the groceries in the week before the receipt of your salary.

When you have received your salary from your employer, you can redeem the mini loan from Sedertgertos immediately.

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With a flash loan, a microcredit and an emergency loan, the minimum amounts are higher, namely at 200, 300 and 600 euros respectively.

With the loans from Sedertgertos you are expected to repay the borrowed money within as short a period as possible. This often comes down to 15, 30, 45 or a maximum of 62 days. In the case of a loan with a repayment term of 62 days, the total amount must often be repaid in two installments. The maximum amount that you can borrow via Sedertgertos is 1,500 euros, which must be repaid in 62 days. For large amounts, you can therefore opt for an alternative lender .

Request short-term loan from Sedertgertos  

Request short-term loan from Sedertgertos  

One of the advantages of the Sedertgertos loans is the simplicity of taking out a new loan . This process is very simple, especially for small amounts! You submit your credit application via the website.

You can then upload a copy of your passport and that of any guarantor, verify your bank account and confirm your request. If your details are in order and your creditworthiness is assessed, you can usually have your requested credit within a few working days.

Keep in mind that the costs for a mini loan are often higher than for a long-term personal loan. Where the interest rate on a personal loan is often below 10%, this is not the case with a short-term loan from Sedertgertos. The use of the service of Sedertgertos is therefore only recommended if you are close to cash and directly need money.


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