Cheapest consumer credit – Cheap Loan

Cheapest consumer credit – Cheap Loan

As a credit intermediary, Tulrofs helps consumers to obtain the cheapest consumer credit. This can be a personal loan, but also, for example, a revolving credit. Because Tulrofs acts as a mediator, this party does not provide any loans itself. The Tulrofs website states that Tulrofs cooperates with various parties.

Both with larger financial institutions and with smaller, specialized parties. Please note that the number of financial institutions with which Tulrofs cooperates is somewhat limited. You may find cheaper interest when you make a comparison between different parties.

Before you take out a loan at Tulrofs it is important to look at the differences between credit types.

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This way you take out the right loan and you are sure that you will benefit from favorable conditions. Consider, for example, a short term, a loan that can be repaid without penalty, and so on. In addition to the mediation that Tulrofs can carry out for you, Tulrofs offers assistance with advising on loans. Although Tulrofs has a physical establishment, it offers its services mainly to consumers via its website. This speeds up the process of applying for a loan.

The conclusion of a new loan starts with finding the most suitable form of credit.

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You have the choice between a personal loan and a revolving credit. In some cases, various other types of credit are offered, such as a WOZ credit. A WOZ credit is specifically intended for home owners and is very similar to a personal loan. The difference, however, is that a WOZ credit is often specifically concluded for the payment of a home renovation.

A personal loan consists of a predetermined amount, on which a fixed rate must be paid monthly. With this you can pay for the purchase of a new car, you can buy a caravan for your holiday, and so on. A personal loan usually has a term of five to ten years. An alternative to a personal loan is a revolving credit. With ongoing loans you can adjust the amount of your loan according to your own judgment. In a month with a low income you borrow a little more and in months that it is financially up to you, you pay off a larger part of the loan.

As already described, Tulrofs does not only offer assistance with the mediation between lenders and you as a consumer. Tulrofs can also provide you with advice online or by phone about the different types of credit and the type of loan that suits you best. This way you know in advance what you can expect from monthly payments, running times, and so on. It is strongly recommended to request such advice before you take out a loan.

A credit application can be submitted via the Tulrofs website. On the basis of your income and the income of your partner, Tulrofs will determine whether the credit you have requested can be granted to you. Should this be the case, Tulrofs will ask several lenders to make a proposal. The most favorable proposal will then also be presented to you.


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